Non Recipe Recipes eBook




My latest digital product, the Non-Recipe Recipes eBook, contains 50 healthy dishes that are perfect for those who are going through stressful situations, a quick & easy to make as they are nourishing!

⭐When we’re struggling psychologically/physiologically, I’m an advocate for doing the best we can, not holding ourselves to impossible health standards, so rest assured that whilst these foods & beverages will be supportive of your wellness goals, they won’t take a ton of time & energy to prepare, and they’ve been designed with TASTINESS in mind (as food is, without a doubt, a pleasure we can and should indulge in when the going gets tough!).

⭐No matter what you’re going through, there’ll be something in here to help you take care of yourself from the inside out. Will you be opting for my go to green smoothie or something a little sweeter, like a slice of cinnamon sugar toast?

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