A Truly Healthy Cleanse

Hello from snowy Nashville!!! If you’re in the thick of this ice and snowmageddon like we are, I wish you safety and cozy moments at home.

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Today, I’m taking a moment to share my recent experience on the 21-Day Radiance Cleanse, created by my colleague and friend, Marnie Reasor. Marnie has a company here in Nashville called Resplendent Healing, which offers classical homeopathy and plant stem cell therapy. She’s incredibly talented, and I cannot recommend her services enough for health concerns such as digestive upset, insomnia, hormonal imbalance, migraines…you name it.

Often, I find words like “cleanse” and “detox” off-putting, as they can signal extreme dieting, dubious supplementation and a focus on right and wrong foods. But when Marnie reached out to me about her cleanse, I knew it would be a breath of fresh, toxin-free air. The 21-Day Radiance cleanse is basically “Spring Cleaning” to our metabolism, immune system, organs and our way of thinking about food, health and toxicity. The ideal end results are weight loss, better digestion, increased sensitivity to the needs of your body, and an improved understanding of how and what to eat for a wholesome life.

Cleanse pic 1
My favorite blend from the cleanse: coconut milk, banana, avocado, collard greens, grassfed collagen

How? To reach these goals, Marnie provides an in-depth cleanse manual, as well as a cookbook chock full of delicious whole-food, balanced recipes that participants will look forward to eating. I made a handful of them along the way, and I was impressed with every single one. You might ask, isn’t this something I could do on my own without paying for a cleanse? Not in this case—Marnie also provides specific detoxifying supplements (pill and powder form) that help aid your liver in ridding itself of the bad and repopulating your body with good stuff. She includes plenty of literature on these, so you know exactly what you’re consuming. Marnie also hosts weekly calls, which offer a sense of community and a place to ask questions.

cleanse pic 3
A take on the turkey and sweet potato skillet has from the Cleanse cookbook. I ate this for days!

So, how do I feel after completing Marnie’s cleanse? Honestly, I feel great. I didn’t have to change much about my usual diet, as our food philosophies align and I take good care of my body. But there were a few yucky habits that the cleanse helped me get over, such as eating later at night, relying on a sweet (even healthy) treat after meals, and breaking my peanut butter addiction! PB isn’t gone from my diet, but I was in the habit of eating it every day, and the Cleanse “forced” me to go without for a while. I also picked up some good habits that my body seems to enjoy, primarily eating less grains and more animal protein. I’ve amped up my meat game to help balance my blood sugar per the cleanse, and it has improved my energy and my sleep.

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Pumpkin pudding from the Cleanse cookbook. So creamy with just a touch of sweetness

Overall, I would 100% recommend participating in her next 21-day Radiance cleanse, which takes place in April. There’s nothing extreme about it, which I love. It’s all about ample delicious, nourishing food in an accepting and open environment. Great work, Marnie!

cleanse pic 2
Pumpkin coconut flour cookies inspired by the cleanse, which I also did a separate post about. Can’t get enough!

If you live in Nashville and want to try Marnie’s next cleanse, here are some resources for healthy meals and ingredients that I found particularly useful:

Contact Marnie if you want to participate! marnie@resplendenthealing.com or sign up directly HERE: https://marniereasor.leadpages.net/pureradiance/




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