A Certified Chef, Published Cookbook Author and Health & Wellbeing Consultant...

A Certified Chef, Published Cookbook Author and Health & Wellbeing Consultant...

After graduating from the University of Virginia, I discovered my passion for cooking and nutrition while living a fast-paced corporate life in New York.

I handed it all over to enroll at the Natural Gourmet Institute and headed back to my hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, to launch LLBalanced, a popular food website, where I provided readers with affordable, comforting and make-ahead family-friendly meals that are packed with nutrients and flavor.

I taught cooking classes and consulted with individuals, corporations, and restaurants while contributing articles and recipes for, among others, Mind Body Green, Nashville Lifestyles, Southern Living, Shape, and Greatist.com.

Fast forward to now, my business has taken on more of a self-help focus. I collaborated on my first offering of this nature with Vanessa McIntosh, PhD — a 2x award-winning Dr of Psycholinguistics and soon-to-be-published Hay House author certified in 5 different psychotherapeutic modalities. Together we created a mindset mini-course called The Secret Recipe, which is available to purchase right now.

I’ve also combined my over a decade of wellness knowledge and expertise with theories of grief, romantic rejection, insecure attachment and love addiction to create a revolutionary process for healing heartache, holistically. I help people relieve their psychological and physiological symptoms with food and exercises for mind and body.

This work pairs perfectly with my third book, Recipes for an Aching Heart, launching in Spring 2023. My first 2 cookbooks (The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook and Simply Laura Lea: Balanced Recipes for Everyday Living) are available for purchase on Amazon.

"Her food is designed to make you feel good. As we know, "healthy" food hasn't historically been thought of as the most delicious. But the level of deliciousness she achieves with food that is good for both your body and soul takes tremendous drive and skill. I find myself craving her food. A lot.

Laura Lea's cooking is not simply for sustinence - it makes you feel something. It also directly reflects her sunny, nurturing, and enthusiastic personality. You can taste the love and passion she has for her craft."


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