What Breed is Your Kitten | Does She Have Her Nails Painted? | What’s That Thing On Her Collar?

Our gorgeous darling cat Ironman (she has a cousin named Batman so we kept the family tradition) is a Purebred American Shorthair, and we got her from Iron Forge Cats. Please, no comments about animals from breeders :). No, she does not have her nails ‘painted’ per se; we put something called Soft Claws on her.

We order the Soft Claws (medium, pink), take her to the vet and the tech puts them on. We replace them about every 6-8 weeks. Some will fall off and she’ll chew a few off, but mostly she leaves them alone. They keep her from scratching furniture!

The gray device you see on her collar is called a Tagg Tracker. Ironman has never been outside (on purpose), and she was not bred to take care of herself in the wild. So we like to have a way to track her, in case she escapes! We’ve shown the vet, and she says it’s totally safe for Ironman to have it around her neck at all times. Unfortunately, the version we have is no longer available, and it’s the only one I can vouch for. However, THIS looks somewhat similar.