Jackson Hole (downtown) Food:

*NOTE: if you’re prepared to wait a bit, you can put your name on waitlists and grab a beer at the Roadhouse Brewing Co window (next to the main location below).  But if you’re someone who likes punctuality, plans or if you’re traveling with kids, I recommend making reservations in advance.

Roadhouse Brewing Co: Great beer flights; I recommend the Family Vacation for something light and refreshing but still flavorful. There was another hazy beer I loved that had tropical fruit flavors on the backend but I don’t recall the name/see it on the website, so you might inquire. We also had the Buffalo Cauliflower appetizer with ranch dressing and the Bahn Mi flatbread…great choices!

Big Hole BBQ: This was connected to our hotel, which made it super convenient after a long day. We split ½ lb of the burnt ends, as well as the Chicken Bacon Wrap, and it was a perfect amount of food and very flavorful. Not mind-blowing, but great as an option when you want a slighter shorter wait time.

Persephone Bakery: Gorgeous and completely ‘gram-friendly’ for photos, this bakery has INCREDIBLE pastries. We got the Raspberry Almond Gluten-Free Muffin and the Huckleberry Cream Cheese Croissant, and I’m still thinking about them! They have a sit-down meal menu that looks fabulous (we didn’t have time), and I’m sure you can’t go wrong. Solid coffee and outdoor seating available.

Snake River Grille: This was probably the ‘highest-end’ restaurant we went to, and it was absolutely worth treating ourselves. I definitely suggest a reservation in advance. We split a bottle of wine and ordered the following: Onion rings (fluffiest, crispiest!), SRG Potato Pancake (smoked salmon, sour cream, shallots; I want to recreate it) and the elk carpaccio (tender, not gamey, served with mini potato chips and garlic aioli). Dessert was the Eskimo Bars, which are drool-worthy.

Cafe Genevieve: The ideal meal before a big day of hiking, we scarfed up everything incredible bite of our brunch: Biscuits with Cajun Gravy and Scrambled Eggs, Belgian Waffle with Fresh Fruit, Whipped Cream and Maple Syrup and Pig Candy (candied bacon omg). Outdoor seating available.

Pearl Street Bagels: We loved this little window-bagel shop so much, we went THREE times throughout the course of our trip. Quick and friendly service with lots of creative bagel and filling flavors. We tried and enjoyed all of the following: Everything Bagel with Smoked Salmon, plain cream cheese, sprouts and capers / Tomato Herb Bagel with Chicken Salad and cucumbers / Honey Sunflower Bagel with Plain Cream Cheese / Onion Bagel with Veggie Cream Cheese / Cinnamon Raisin Bagel with Honey Walnut Cream Cheese (YES) / Everything Bagel with Mexican Cream Cheese (worth trying!). Great iced coffee.

Thai Me Up: Probably our favorite dinner spot, we were also repeat customers here! Insanely delicious spins on authentic thai food, Thai Me Up partners with Melvin Brewing so you can enjoy great cold beer with your spicy food. We had: Thai Wings Tossed in Sweet & Spicy Chili Sauce, Thai Poutine, Panang Curry with Chicken and General Thai Chicken. Every single dish was OUTSTANDING. We tried a few beers and we loved the Killer Bees and Heyzeus Mexican Lager (served with lime) best. We had to wait an hour one night for our reservation, and it was totally worth it.

MOOS Gourmet Ice Cream and Jackson Drug: Both spots had incredibly creamy and satisfying ice cream, which we always get in waffle cones. If you get ice cream in Jackson Hole, try the Huckleberry flavor; it’s a local favorite; it tastes like a hybrid of blueberry and raspberry in my opinion. We also had White Chocolate Macadamia and Rocky Road at Moos…you can’t go wrong.

Jackson Hole Activities:

Taggart and Bradley Lake: Taggart Lake is a pretty easy 3.3 mile hike roundtrip, and the lake itself is stunning. You can stop and swim/put your feet in the (chilly) water. We chose to kept going to Bradley Lake, another 1.1 miles, for a total hike of about 5.5. This is just 20 minutes from downtown Jackson Hole, and it was a great way to start the trip!

Ski Lake: For a moderate-easy4.5 roundtrip hike, you can head to Ski Lake and take a dip or have a picnic. We can’t leave well enough alone though, as you’re seeing, so we continued on up to the top of the mountain, adding another few STEEP miles. This took us up to almost 10,000ft in elevation, and it was a difficult hike. However, if you have the energy and great hiking boots, the view at the top is breathtaking! We finished this hike with boozy sloshies from Basecamp…YUM! We got Cantaloupe Lime and Watermelon Margarita and loved both.

Biking to Jenny Lake from Dornan’s: I want to do this again right now! We drove about 20 minutes to Dornan’s, where we rented road bikes. There are several biking options, but we opted for the 8 miles to Jenny Lake, which is a must-see. We walked around the breathtaking lake, then we biked on our own a few miles before getting back to the bike path that took us there. The path is smooth, with only one significant hill. Once back at Dornan’s, we grabbed a few beers at Pizza & Pasta Co; stunning views from the bar. P.S. we saw boats and people paddle-boarding at Jenny Lake if you want to look into that! This whole activity took about 4 hours.

Fly Fishing on the Snake River: We organized a day of fly fishing with JD Outfitters, and it exceeded my expectations as a total beginner/fly fishing novice. Our guide took us onto the Snake River and taught us the basics with the most picturesque backdrop you could imagine. The primary fish is Cutthroat Trout, and Patrick and I both caught quite a few! It took me a while to get the hang of things, but our guide was patient and knowledgeable. They provide lunch, snacks and beverages (including local beer!). The 6 hour day FLEW by, and I hooked :).

Jackson Hole Accommodations:

Mountain Modern Hotel: We stayed here the first three nights, and it was our favorite of the 2 accommodations we chose in Jackson. The Mountain Modern is exactly as it sounds—the perfect 2020 hotel for people spending their time in the mountains! It’s clean with comfortable beds (no kings fyi) and the rooms/property have lots of thoughtful amenities: backpacks and coolers for rent, backpack hooks, a sink large enough to do dishes, an (indoor) pool & hot tub for your aching back, a laundry room (clutch) and efficient, friendly customer service. It’s also located right in the heart of downtown Jackson Hole. The price is moderate, and we got a great discount on Expedia. They also have a little coffee bar connected to the lobby, and we really enjoyed grabbing a few of their mochas in the morning!

Snow King Resort: Snow King is an institution in Jackson, and it’s a great option for families in particular. The rooms are spacious, and we relished our delicious king-sized bed. You can walk around the property and enjoy the outdoor rock climbing wall, or pay a small fee to take a ski lift ride, year road. They also have an outdoor hot tub, but you have to reserve it in advance. Snow King has a 24 hour fitness center and a full restaurant, but we had enough exercise and food to choose from in the area! Snow King is also a 15-20 minute walk from downtown, and we preferred being closer at Mountain Modern. So ultimately, it wasn’t the best fit for us, but it’s a fantastic place, and we also got a solid deal on Expedia.FYI: go see Emmy at Orvis for any hiking/fishing/gear suggestions. She’s from Nashville, but she and her boyfriend live in a camper outside Jackson and will help you with whatever recs you need!