• Camp Cookies

    These are the perfect hearty but delicious cookie for your next outdoor adventure, and I have also fed a variation of them to breastfeeding mamas!

  • gluten free grain free buckwheat fig cake

    Buckwheat & Fig Tea Cake

    It took me FIVE tries to get this tea cake the way I wanted it, but I think it was 100% worth it, and I hope you agree! Packed with fiber and healthy fats, this snack & breakfast cake is dreamy topped with melted butter or nut butter!

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Scones

    Exactly what it sounds like! Your favorite cookie in tender, perfectly crumbly and lightly sweetened scone form. These scones are a dreamy way to start the day when you want something just a touch indulgent, and they also make for a perfect afternoon pick me up with milky tea!

  • Apple Cinnamon Hazelnut Breakfast Bake

    The perfect Autumn breakfast for guests, a potluck, or when you want something make-ahead that will last throughout the week! There are so many ways to enjoy this Breakfast Bake; it’s sure to become a Fall staple.

  • Fruity Oatmeal Breakfast Bites

    My spin on one of my favorite store-bought cookies, these nourishing bites are a perfect nut-free on the go breakfast or snack. Pack these in lunch-boxes, spread with nut butter or crumble on yogurt!