• Turkey Lentil Jalapeno Meatloaf

    Comfort food at its finest with this ridiculously moist, tender and flavorful meatloaf. You’ll be transported to childhood around your mom’s cozy kitchen, but this version is actually healthy!

  • Asian Chicken Lettuce Cups

    A healthier, more delicious version of your favorite Chinese dish, which is also a completely cinch to throw together. Dine out in your house and feel amazing afterwards!

  • Tempeh Sloppy Joes

    A food that is inherently impossible to eat, that will leave your fingers sticky and your white blouse a casualty of the first order? Yes, please!

    Love them or hate them, Sloppy Joes have been a staple in childhood lunchrooms since, well, at least the 28 years I’ve been alive. It is strangely satisfying to eat a meal that really makes your work for it. May require multiple napkins, a hair tie and a fork, but eventually you can conquer this worthy adversary and join the Clean Plate Club!