• Crispy Fried Egg Power Breakfast

    Part of my Sleep Series, this delicious savory breakfast is an amazing option when you’re exhausted and need something easy, filling and energizing. My special spice mixture takes it over the top!

  • 30 minute Sweet Potato & Curry Lentil Stew

    Easy, delicious comfort in a bowl, this creamy Lentil Curry is a savior on winter nights where you don’t have time or energy for a complicated meal. Enjoy it throughout the week over rice or extra veggies and your body will thank you!

  • Pesto, Chicken & Spinach Frittata

    You will not believe how easy, delicious and satisfying this frittata is! It’s the perfect and portable breakfast, lunch or dinner, which is also low-carb and grain-free with a dairy-free option. I can almost guarantee this will be a household staple for lazy nights or mornings!