• Crockpot Chicken Chili Chowder

    Ridiculously easy, set it and forget it dinner that is perfect for chilly evenings! You won’t believe how much richness, flavor AND nutrition you get from my take on chicken chowder!

  • Vegan/Paleo Cauliflower Walnut Taco Meat

    My new favorite way to eat tacos! This flavorful plant-based taco meat substitute is packed with nutrients, fiber and healthy fats, leaving you just as satisfied and way more nourished than with Mexican takeout!

  • Roasted Beet, Miso Chickpea Curry

    Love beets and love stews and curries? You will be in heaven with this antioxidant-packed dish! This is a perfect meal when you want something really nutritious after the holidays, but you still crave nourishing and cozy.

  • Oil-Free Crockpot Fajitas

    With this one-step recipe, I’m busting out the crockpot again to make dinner a breeze! Not only are these Crockpot Fajitas crazy simple, they’re delicious and fall-apart tender! AND they’re amazing as leftovers.

  • 30 minute Sweet Potato & Curry Lentil Stew

    Easy, delicious comfort in a bowl, this creamy Lentil Curry is a savior on winter nights where you don’t have time or energy for a complicated meal. Enjoy it throughout the week over rice or extra veggies and your body will thank you!

  • Taco Frittata (GF, DF)

    Breakfast and dinner come together in this recipe to form something so delicious and versatile, you’ll want it for every meal! This frittata is for the Mexican food lovers out there, and it’s also a high protein, low-carb option if that’s on your agenda

  • Tempeh Sloppy Joes

    A food that is inherently impossible to eat, that will leave your fingers sticky and your white blouse a casualty of the first order? Yes, please!

    Love them or hate them, Sloppy Joes have been a staple in childhood lunchrooms since, well, at least the 28 years I’ve been alive. It is strangely satisfying to eat a meal that really makes your work for it. May require multiple napkins, a hair tie and a fork, but eventually you can conquer this worthy adversary and join the Clean Plate Club!