Native Forest Coconut Milk Powder:

I LOVE coconut milk—it is the most-used milk in my diet and in my cookbook. I love the health properties, such as anti-bacterial lauric and MCTs, which the body can quickly use for energy. However, those cans are heavy! Enter this genius instant coconut milk powder. All you have to do is blend a ratio of the powder to milk in a shaker bottle or blender and voila…coconut milk! To achieve a similar consistency to the canned milk, I increase the suggested ratio to 6 tablespoons powder for every 1 cup water. Best yet, this is a great option when traveling: simply stir it into tea, coffee or one the Four Sigmatic Medicinal Mushroom teas.

Bragg’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil:





Whenever you’re buying olive oil, you want to look for a label that says ‘first cold pressed’. This ensures that your olive oil wasn’t extracted through industrial high-heat processes that can damage this delicate oil. The “first” just notes that the pressing took place immediately, which doesn’t allow time for oxidation. Bragg’s covers these bases, and they use a dark opaque bottle, which also protects against oxidation. Plus, it’s a great deal (obvi) AND I think it has the perfect flavor for cooking: mild, with floral and nutty undertones.

Wild Planet Tuna Cans AND Pouches:





We ADORE tuna salad in our house! I usually buy both the Wild Planet cans and the pouches, because the pouches are a little smaller (3.5 oz compared to 5), which is a perfect serving size for me. Hubby on the other hand, eats 2 CANS per serving. But we try to limit intake to once every few weeks, due to mercury content. This is also an incredible source of Omega 3 fatty acids from wild-caught fish, which can be difficult to come by in such a bioavailable, high-quality form. P.S. My cookbook has an awesome recipe for Sunday Tuna Salad that’s a hit with everyone in the family!

Organic Tamari Gluten-Free Soy Sauce-Reduced Sodium:






Tamari, how do I love thee? Let me count the…recipes! I use this tamari in easily half of my recipes! It is my favorite way to add salt to dish, because it also provides a savory umami richness as well. It’s one of those ingredients that leads to the question, “what’s IN there?”. I prefer this over soy sauce, as the flavor is better and it’s wheat free for all my wheat-intolerance readers out there! If you’re ever making a soup, stew, crockpot dish or stir-fry kinda thing and you want to “kick it up” a bit, I suggest a splash of tamari!

Primal Kitchen Avocado Mayo and Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil:






I cheated and smooshed another pair into one slot because they’re basically siblings! The main issue I have with traditional mayo is that is contains damaging, inflammatory vegetable oils like corn, sunflower, safflower, canola and soy. It just so happens that these are also the cooking oils that never had a healthy neutral-tasting replacement…until NOW. Avocado oil can withstand high-heat cooking, and it has a very neutral flavor, so it is a perfect sub for those nasty oils. The Primal Kitchen products are the highest quality, and I think the mayo tastes fab as well…in fact I always use it in the aforementioned tuna salad!