Purely Elizabeth CHOCOLATE & MAPLE WALNUT Probiotic Granolas:

I though my love for Purely Elizabeth granola couldn’t run deeper, and then I tried her probiotic-infused flavors. P.E. uses a patented strain of probiotics called GanedenBC30, designed to withstand baking temperatures. Not only are these flavors mouthwatering, the probiotics are effective, and I see a marked difference in my digestion for two days after eating them.The Maple Walnut is dreamy as we head into the cooler months, and who doesn’t want to eat chocolate for breakfast?

Santa Cruz Organic Peanut Butter:

Peanut butter is peanut butter is peanut butter, right? WRONG!!!! This organic peanut butter is heads and tails above any other than I’ve tried. With just the right hint of salt and roasted undertones, Santa Cruz PB pushes me to my limits of willpower in the best way. What else is there to say—if you love peanut butter, this will become your new obsession. A few tips: 1) If you want to use it for baking, reduce or omit salt that the recipe calls for 2) turn jars upside down for at least 24 hours before opening to help mix in the oil. Turn it right side up for 5 minutes before attempting to open and stir.

Artisana Organics Cashew Butter:

I actually wasn’t a cashew butter fan as of approximately three months ago. I thought it tasted funky, kind of like playdoh. Well, apparently I simply wasn’t eating the RIGHT cashew butter, because this organic version by Artisana is life-changing. The best way I can describe it is frosting, but thicker with a hint of nuttiness. A nice alternative to other nut and seed butters, cashew butter is dreamy on pretty much everything—oats (warm or overnight), toast, muffins, apples or bananas, yogurt bowls, granola or straight-up with a spoon. I love to cut an RX Bar or Go Macro Bar in half and slather it with cashew butter. I’ll have half for an afternoon snack and the other for a post-dinner treat.

Non-GMO Crunchy Almond Butter:

Good golly. I’ve eaten a LOT of almond butter in my day, but Thrive Market is doing something else! Not only does this almond butter have the creamiest, most unctuous texture (besides the crunchy bits of course), it also reminds me of cake batter. And all it contains is almonds. I mean, what is this wonderful sorcery?! I’ll be honest; it is a touch more expensive than the Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods 365 brands, but I vastly prefer the texture, taste and stir-ability. P.S. their peanut butter is great too!