DIY Honey Mamas Chocolate

DIY Honey Mamas Chocolate
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TOTAL TIME :15minutes30minutes
8 slices
  • ** Required: Candy thermometer
  • 1/4 cup chopped dark chocolate (I use 72%)
  • 1/4 cup raw cacao powder OR cocoa powder
  • 3 tablespoons roasted unsalted almonds
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 1/3 cup coconut oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • pinch sea salt for garnish
  1. Line a loaf tin with parchment paper, leaving several inches to hang over the sides. Sprinkle chopped chocolate along the bottom of the loaf tin in an even layer.
  2. In a food processor or high-powered blender, combine cacao or cocoa powder and almonds and pulse until it forms a fine crumbly meal; it should be difficult to detect the almonds. Set aside.
  3. Add honey and coconut oil to a small sauce-pot and bring to a boil. Add candy thermometer and bring to 250 degrees Fahrenheit or 120 degrees Celcius. Immediately remove from the heat and stir in cacao/almond mixture, as well as vanilla extract.
  4. Pour mixture over chocolate into the loaf tin in as even a layer as possible. Tear off any excess paper and freeze for 30 minutes, or refrigerate for approximately an hour, until chocolate is firm and set. Slice into desired pieces and enjoy! Keep leftover chocolate in the refrigerator.
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  • Lisa

    Can cocoa powder and cacao powder be used interchangeably in recipes? My understanding is they differ in the heating and processing processes but I’m unsure if that matters when cooking with them.

    • Laura Lea Bryant

      Hi! In this instance they are interchangeable because we don’t need a leavening agent. I’ve used both!

      • Lisa

        Great, I have both and will use the cacao. Thank you!! 😊

  • Autumn

    Hi Laura! Just ran out of honey, any chance maple syrup would work or do you think it may be worth the grocery run?

    • Laura Lea Bryant

      Hi there! I haven’t tested it with maple syrup so I can’t say for sure!!! I would suggest using honey if you can get it!

  • Erin W.

    Bookmarked! My candy thermometer cracked last year and I haven’t replaced it, but as soon as I do DIY Honey Mamas Chocolate is so on! It looks incredible! Thanks for cracking the code and figuring out how to recreate it! 🙂

    • Laura Lea Bryant

      Yay!!! I hope you love it! Keep me posted! xx

  • Emma C.

    I would really love to make these but I am allergic to some tree nuts including almonds. Do you think that peanuts would work as a good substitute? Luckily, I am NOT allergic to coconut 🙂

    • Laura Lea Bryant

      Hi love! Yes any nut or seed will work in the proportions. I think peanuts would be delicious!

  • Breanne S

    OMG! Just made these and literally the best chocolate I have ever had!! Delicious! Had a cooking afternoon making these, Chocolate chip-pea blondies, and the sweet potato crust quiche! Hopefully they all turn out as good as these chocolates!!

    • Laura Lea Bryant

      Yayyyy!!! I am so glad they turned out well!!! Let me know how the other recipes go and thanks for sharing!! xx

  • Melissa

    I just found Honey Mamas at my local Natural Grocery Store (near Seattle) and it may be the best new chocolate treat I’ve had in a really long time. Not very budget friendly though, so I CAN’T wait to try your recipe. Thank you!

    • Laura Lea Bryant

      I know right?! It is so amazing but pricy! Let me know how it goes if you give it a try! xx

  • Carolina Rumley

    OMGGGGG, have to say they are amazing! Loveee them. Thank you so much for sharing this. Also love your cook book. BBQ quinoa chicken casserole favorite in the fam now 🤗

    • Laura Lea Bryant

      Hi Carolina! Gorgeous name p.s. I’m so glad you enjoyed the chocolate!!! And for letting me know how much you like that casserole! It’s one of my husband’s favorites, so I am thrilled to hear it! xoxo

  • Kelly

    Hi Laura! What kind of cacao powder do you use? I picked some up from Sprouts and once I got home read something on the label about how “this could cause cancer”?!?! It freaked me out and I threw it away!


  • Allison Henry

    I made these this week and they were incredible. I love the chewy bite and amazing flavor from the chocolate and roasted almonds (of which I used added more 🙂 ). I will make this again and again. YUM!

    • Laura Lea Bryant

      Hey Allison! I am so happy to hear that!!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience!

  • doreen

    I have made these about a dozen times now. They are my absolute favorite! Thanks so much for the recipe!

    • Laura Lea Goldberg

      Hi Doreen!!! That makes me so happy!!!! Thanks for taking the time to share!

  • Ellery Seither

    Hi Laura, I am a huge fan of Honey Mamas esp. the Mayan Spice flavor and new Ginger Cardamom flavor. How would you recommend adding flavoring, how much powdered spices do you think would be good and would it mess up the ratio of dry ingredients in your recipe? Thanks!

    • Laura Lea Goldberg

      Hi Ellery! Unfortunately, I don’t like to make suggestions when I have tested something. I’m really not sure how much spice it would take to show up in the chocolate with a noticeable flavor. I think you’ll just have to start with a small amount and play around with them!