Prepping for a Healthy Superbowl

all the feelings 1Welcome to the brand new face of LL Balanced! This site-makeover has been in the works for months, and I’ve been itching to share it with y’all! As much as I loved my old stomping grounds, it didn’t offer the recipe functionality that I wanted for my darling readers. It was a happy rental for me while I started my career as a holistic chef and figured out how I want the LL Balanced message to look. I am beyond pleased with the outcome, and I have to thank my amazing team—a combination of St8mt and Ah, So designs. Pretty please feel free to reach out with any comments or suggestions. I plan to expand the options and functionalities even more as time goes on!

Ok, now for the goooood stuff.

The Superbowl.

Truth is, for many people, the Superbowl is the elephant in the room for weeks leading up the game. The shouting, hairy, jerseyed elephant in the room. We know it’s there, looming, and it will be a THING that we either do or do not do. If we choose the latter, we lose husbands/boyfriends for a day (or significant other, as the case may be). 

Personally, I don’t like losing my fiancé for any amount of time, and I support the camaraderie and patriotism that football engenders. So, I choose the former option. Plus, participating in game day means I can control what my guy consumes during. Traditional Superbowl fare consists of all things I work diligently to keep out of our house…thick, oily takeout pizzas, wings, fried anything. Washed down with beer, whiskey or soda, this sordid combination makes for a hangover gift that keeps on giving…well into the week.

So this year, I’m throwing together an easy Superbowl menu from my own recipes, which will be just as flavorful, indulgent, napkins-required casual as any diehard football fan might expect. Here, I’ve compiled these recipes, as well as some tips and tricks for staying healthy and sane on game day. Cheers!

LL’s Tips and Recipes for A Healthy Superbowl Sunday

  • Keep cool, filtered water with fresh lemon or lime around | if water is there, people will drink it. A touch of flavor will entice guests to stay hydrated between more potent beverages. You could also soak fruit in water overnight in the fridge for an even more elaborate alcohol-free option.
  • Keep crudite such as sliced bell pepper, cucumbers and even jicama sticks around for dips, as well as chips | The fiber in veggies will make your guests fuller faster and less likely to over consume. If you go the chip route, some healthy-er options include: Beanitos, Lundberg, Garden of Eatin‘, Boulder Canyon. For a nutrient-packed but addictive alternative, try my Umami Edamame dip

Umami edamame dip

  • Offer some kind of lean protein | If you eat animal protein, this is your best bet for getting all of the essential animo acids and in the proper profile to keep you satiated and prevent overeating. Some easy ideas that most people enjoy? Hardboiled eggs, sliced in half with sea salt and paprika, pulled rotisserie chicken in lettuce cups, drizzled with 1:1:1 mixture of sesame oil, tamari and honey. Or my Healthy Chicken Cutlets with BBQ sauce. If you want to go the vegetarian route, my Chickpea Pizza (choose toppings that suite your taste/needs) is packed with protein and fiber.
  • Get movingBesides the jumping up and down, Superbowl Sunday is pretty much all about the couch. Encourage your significant other to go for a walk or run before the game starts, to get your metabolisms revved and ready for grub!
  • Have healthy desserts available | Superbowl spreads are guilty of unhealthy sweets as well as salty, with sugar and butter-laden cookies and brownies in spades. At your gameday, offer fresh fruit and whole-foods treats such as my Buckwheat Hemp Banana Bread, or my Avocado Cupcakes with Chocolate Orange Buttercream
  • Make breakfast a priority | start the day with some hearty overnight oats or a green smoothie, to keep your blood sugar levels stable and prevent crashing/binging. Some of my favorite breakfast recipes are my Strawberries and Cream Breakfast Porridge and my Balance and Recharge Smoothie bowl. When you begin on a healthy note, you’re more motivated to continue throughout the day.
  • Treat Yo-self If you decide not to watch the game (probably me), and you’ve been busy in the kitchen all morning (still me), indulge yourself with a hot bath, magazines, a self-manicure or some Pinterest browsing. You deserve a selfish day too!
  • CHILL OUT | If your man drinks a few too many brews or a Pizza Hut box finagles its way into your living room, it’s OK. Monday will be a fresh start, no matter what goes down on Sunday.

Here are some other healthy snack ideas to have around during game day || hummus, guacamole, mixed nuts, tuna salad with Mary’s Gone Crackers, seltzer with a splash of fresh juice for another non-alcoholic alternative, whole-grain rice cakes with almond butter, banana and raw honey, sugar-free beefy jerky