Gaia Gas & Bloating Tea:


If you tend to eat too quickly (me), eat when distracted (often me) or struggle with IBS (old me), I highly recommend giving this tea a try. As noted on the product page, the Gaia Gas & Bloating tea “provides fast-acting relief for digestive discomfort caused by food…combines herbs such as peppermint, caraway and licorice root with fennel seed essential oil to soothe your digestive system.” And in my experience, the company delivers on this promise! I now enjoy a cup in the morning mixed with black or green tea, and I have another cup after lunch. In addition, I adore the lightly sweet, floral flavor, but note: if you’re not a licorice fan, this might not be for you.

Four Sigmatic Chaga Superfood Mushroom Tea

I was gifted some samples of Four Sigmatic instant-packet mushrooms teas, and I started using them skeptically. Well, I absolutely felt the effects of them, especially when enjoyed on a consistent basis! Mushrooms have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries, and they’re powerful components in modern drugs as well, but we don’t think about them much. Many are adaptogenic, which means that they can “sense” what your body needs and help you come to equilibrium. The Chaga Mushroom is my favorite, as it clear my head/helps me think better AND it’s great for your immune system, but I also love the Hot Cacao Mixes and the Reishi is fantastic for making me feel more calm and chill.  The taste is very mild, so I just pour them straight up into water, but you can add sweetener, cinnamon and almond milk for a nice morning beverage!

Gaia Herbs Golden Milk Powder

As I type, I’m sensing my own theme…keeping my immune system strong! Life is so busy and crazy, it’s easy to get run down, and who has time to be sick! Whenever I’m really feeling under the weather, I mix this into my Four Sigmatic tea, or into green tea, or even into hot water. Not only is this great for your immunity, it’s extremely anti-inflammatory. So this is my go-to when I haven’t been eating as well as I’d like, or I’ve had an extra glass of wine (or two) or I’ve been traveling. The star ingredient is turmeric, but the other ingredients make the turmeric more bioavailable, boost metabolism and add delicious flavor.

Organic Instant Mint Sencha Tea by Pique

These organic little tea packets are INSTANT, so you can dissolve them right into hot or cold water. I keep these with me when I travel. I’ll use them in the morning, but also add one to my water bottle to bring with me on the go. They have multiple flavors of green tea, but the mint is my favorite. It also helps settled my stomach, and you don’t get the bitterness that often accompanies green tea bags. If you’re a busy person or someone who’s also often on the road, I highly recommend these instant tea packets.

Organic Mucuna Pruriens Powder

Mucuna Pruriens is touted to be good for: “Enhancing Brain Function, Elevating Mood & Refine the Senses, Soothing the Nervous System, and Supporting Overall Well-being. Here’s what I’ve noticed when I add it to a smoothie, hot water or combine it with my Chaga Mushroom Tea: I feel more relaxed and less anxious, my brain feels clearer and my mood is boosted/I feel more positive. I really enjoy having this in my “Superfood” arsenal, especially because a little goes a long way! It also has quite a mild flavor, and you can even stir it into oatmeal.