Cocokind Mymatcha Stick:

I fell hard for Cocokind a few weeks ago at Revitalize, when they offered several products in the available “swag”. Each products contains 5 natural ingredients or less, all of which are organic and sustainably sourced. Made from just THREE organic ingredients—virgin coconut oil, beeswax, matcha tea powder, this glorious Mymatcha Stick “helps rejuvenate dry spots [and] protects skin from free radical damage”. It is fantastic as a chapstick, helps de-puff your under-eye area AND it can improve dark under-eye circles…among other uses! Basically, I am smitten with this multi-faceted stick. I even use it to sooth my cuticles when I go on a nail-biting spree :).

Cocokind Chia Facial Oil:

The idea of slathering my face with oil was a little nerve-wracking, I won’t lie. Even though oil has been used for centuries on skin, it’s not as common of a concept these days. But after my experience with the Cocokind Chia Facial Oil, I think that it should be! Made from just TWO ingredients: organic chia seed oil and organic chamomile flowers, this product is about as natural as it gets. Better yet, my sensitive skin has loved this oil, soaking in the hydrating and anti-inflammatory goodness. Plus, it is extremely affordable! I cannot recommend this oil enough.

Mychelle Refining Sugar Cleanser:

I also first tried this cleanser at MindBodyGreen’s Revitalize event in September, and I was immediately hooked by the delicious vanilla smell and gentle exfoliation; the beads literally melt onto your skin, so there’s nothing rough or “scrubby” about it. But the real magic came after using it for a few months, and I absolutely think it has softened and brightened my skin. I alternate this with the Acure Facial Cleanser below, and I am completely obsessed with this combination!

Acure Organics Sensitive Facial Cleanser:

I have been using this cleanser for over a year now, and I am devotee through and through. It is incredibly gentle, and my skin reacts to EVERYTHING (besides what’s linked on this page!). It foams nicely, so I really have that “clean” feeling while using it. If you have sensitive skin and you want a naturally-derived cleanser that actually works, I highly recommend this!

Weleda Plant Gel Toothpaste:





This is hands-down the only natural toothpaste I’ve ever 1) truly enjoyed the taste of and 2) felt like cleaned my teeth as well as traditional toothpaste. It doesn’t foam as much as Crest or Colgate, but it has a sharp refreshing flavor and you can feel it working to remove plague and bacteria and sugar and whatever else winds up on our tusks! Plus, it doesn’t have a chalky consistency like most ‘healthy’ toothpastes. I buy this in bulk and refuse to use anything else!


EO Face Makeup Removing Wipes:





Speaking of travel, I don’t go anywhere without a packet of these EO Face Wipes. Honestly, at the end of the day I’m often feeling too lazy to even wash my face, and being able to swipe one of these babies all over to remove dirt and makeup is a godsend. Incredibly gently with a pleasant smell, my skin always looks and feels refreshed after using one of these wipes. They’re also not drying at all; I actually don’t need to apply moisturized with them. I also keep these in my purse to freshen up the ole’ armpits after a workout if I don’t have time to shower before running out the door…just keeping it real!

Aura Cacia Cedarwood Essential Oil:






Y’all may know this by now, but sleep can be a struggle for me. It always has been, regardless of my diet, in fact. I mean, of course eating well helps, but my sleep issues have far more to do with my brain/anxiety than anything else. So I have an intense sleep routine that I follow each night, and when I do, I sleep beautifully for the most part. One of the keys to my current routine is Cedarwood Essential Oil, which my friend Emmy from Inner Light Yoga recommended. I dab some on my wrists, behind my ears and between my first two toes (this skin has large absorbent pores!) right before bed. I take a few deep whiffs, and it makes me feel significantly more relaxed. This one from Thrive is a great price and fantastic quality.